The NAVAL ACADEMY traces its origin back to 1872, in the Flotilla School, established according to a Decision of the Ministry of War. During the study, this institution trained officers and non-commissioned officers who carried on different functions aboard ships of the Romanian Navy and Merchant Fleet. Through the government decisions of April 23 and May 17, 1990, the Academy was organized on new principles, thus being established the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy. It is worth mentioning that the Academy has open worldwide relationships and is permanently preoccupied to maintain co-operation with similar institutions, military fleets and personalities all over the world.

Starting 1990 there have been organized over 30 such activities with: The Naval Academy in Annapolis and The Military Academy in "West Point" (U.S.A.), The Royal Naval College and The General Staff of the Merchant Marine College (Great Britain), The Royal Naval College (Holland), The Military Naval School in Murwick (Germany), The Royal Naval College in Den Helder (Holland), The Naval Academy in Livorno (Italy), The School of Application, The Instruction Centre and The Naval School in Brest (France), The Military Naval School in Istanbul (Turkey), The Naval Academy in Varna (Bulgaria), The Naval School in Pontevedra (Spain) etc.

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