2018 - Issue no. 1



S S Ghimisi (pg. 103-108)
Measures for correct design, manufacturing and exploitation of gear transmissions to increase the reliability

S S Ghimisi (pg. 109-115)
Consideration regarding tensions in a contact

L Luca, I Popescu (pg. 129-135)
Study on new rocker curves generated by a three diades mechanism

D Panduru, N Craciunoiu, E N Patru and M Bica (pg. 195-202)
Study on cutting temperature and surface roughness during the turning process of pure titanium

D. Iorgulescu, G. Samoilescu, S. Radu (pg. 247-255)
Analysis of using and operating conditions of the naval power equipment according to the wave-induced ship load

Ion-Adrian Girba, Anastase Pruiu , Beazit Ali, Pamfil Somoiag (pg. 265-275)
Contributions to the study of the behavior of gas turbine propulsion systems at changes in environmental for all operating parameters

T M Stefanescu, O N Volintiru, E Dragomir (pg. 305-312)
Considerations regarding the use of the Marine Gearbox in Gas Turbine Propulsion for Particular Ships

E Ivanova, S Tenev, T Vasilev (pg. 326-329)
The theoretical model for determinig critical rotation speed flexible coupling type SEGE

E Ivanova, T Vasilev (pg. 335-341)
Influence of Elastic Element Design Parameters on Buckling Effect for Different "Periflex" Shaft Couplings

O N Volintiru, I C Scurtu, E Dragomir, T M Stefanescu (pg. 375-380)
Contributions to the study of functional parameters in the exploitation of chilled water system for particular ships

A Cretu, C Adetu (pg. 400-402)
Vibro-acoustic airport and port modeling process

Mihaela Turof (pg. 409-417)
Optimizing the design of compression helical springs

Andrei Cebanu, Florin Postolache (pg. 424-429)
TECS - a Dedicated Software for Thermal Engine Calculation

B Popovici, F Postolache (pg. 430-433)
MAOS - Oxygen Minimum Amount Calculation Software for Thermodynamics Processes

O Tarabuta, A Nedelcu, C Clinci, G Ichimoaei (pg. 440-447)
A Study of the Feasibility of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles in Black Sea

A. Chioibas (pg. 483-492)
Influence of friction in the drawing a cylindrical part steel – part II

L Ali, D Marasescu, B Ali (pg. 493-501)
Contributions to the study of service characteristics of cooling water used for marine engines

L Ali, P Somoiag, B Ali (pg. 502-508)
Contributions to the study of service characteristics of marine fuels

B Ali, P Somoiag, L Ali (pg. 531-534)
Establishment of criterion equation of water flow phenomenon around the ship

Corneliu Moroianu (pg. 535-549)
The effect of the working transitory regimes of the internal combustion engines with gas and liquid fuel supply upon the engine performance

Dumitru Dascalu and Draguta Dascalu (pg. 567-572)
The particularity of pitting phenomenon of sleding bearing surfaces

Dumitru Dascalu (pg. 573-577)
Finplast, a proceeding for optimization the performing of antifriction material surfaces

Mihaela Turof (pg. 599-606)
Selecting the elastic coupling and lubrification system to a single speed reducer to a mathcad computer-assisted