• Abstracts for all accepted papers in SeaConf will be published in Book of Abstracts with ISSN.
  • All accepted papers that fulfil editing rules according to paper submision guidelines will be sent for review and publishing acceptance / rejection to Scientific Bulletin of Naval Academy(SBNA).
  • Participation fee:  60 Euro (250Ron)   Conference fee for maximum 2 papers for registered author, Book of Abstracts, the cocktail participation and cruise on board "Mircea" Training Ship . No additional fee to publish presented articles in SBNA.
  • Coauthor or acompaning person fee:  25 Euro (100 RON)
  • For Ron:  RO36BACX 0000 0030 06158000 , Unicredit Tiriac Bank (Beneficiary Gheorghe Balaban Foundation)  CUI 9327783
  • For Euro:  RO79BACX 0000 0030 06158002 , SWIFT Code:  BACX ROBU, Unicredit Tiriac Bank (Beneficiary Gheorghe Balaban Foundation)   CUI 9327783
  • There is a limit of two submissions per registered author as first author.
  • The author(s) has full responsibility for the contents of the papers. The necessary equipment for multimedia presentations will be provided.

  • Ultima actualizare: 31 Septembrie 2017