2019 - Issue no. 1



D. Draganova, pg. 61-65
Development of the naval medicine in Bulgaria

I. Serbezova, pg. 66-77
Experience from the implementation of multimedia approach to teaching for developing professional competence

G. Koleva, pg. 78-82
Dehydration at seafarers – prevention, symptoms and approache

D. Georgieva, pg. 83-90
Increase of the crew’s well-being and reduction of stress

T. Hristova, pg. 91-97
Application of case study method in crew members' training program

C. Ciobanu, pg. 98-103
A challenge to improve the interest of students for mathematics education

C. Sandiuc, pg. 104-111
The use of vocabulary games in the ESP classroom

N. F. Antonie, C. Racuciu, F. Medeleanu, D. Glavan and R. Moinescu, pg. 112-121
Environment friendly population records system using biometric data and anonymous signatures

M. Zidaru, pg. 122-127
Soe documents about Grigore Gafencu ‘s situation in 1944-1945

M. Zidaru, pg. 128-133
A foreign office inspection report at british consulate in Cernauti in 1940

D. Glavan, C. Racuciu, R. Moinescu and N. F. Antonie, pg. 134-143
DDoS detection and prevention based on artificial intelligence techniques

D. Glavan, C. Răcuciu, R. Moinescu and N. F. Antonie, pg. 144-150
Detecting the DDoS attack for SDN Controller

M. C. Plesa and M. I. Plesa, pg. 151-157
Using quantum communications for maritime signal flags

C. Varsami, pg. 158-162
New Tools and Techniques Used to Improve Seafarers’ social and multicultural abilities in an expanding technological society

R. Moinescu, C. Racuciu, D. Glavan, N. F. Antonie and S. Eftimie, pg. 163-170
Aspects of human weaknesses in cyber security

L. Zisu, C. Racuciu, D. Glavan, N. F. Antonie and S. Eftimie, pg. 171-176
A method to improve the BB84 protocol

G. L. Frecea, pg. 177-183
The happiness gap in the EU strategy: the globalization goals

G. L. Frecea, pg. 184-191
CSR strategies in banks. Case study: Erste Group

D. Mototolea, A. Mindroiu, pg. 192-195
Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems

M. Rogobete and C. Racuciu, pg. 196-199
Hyperparameters optimisation for time varying signals

A. Balagiu and M. Patesan, pg. 200-205
Elements of oceanographic terminology in english and romanian

P. Vasiliu, pg. 206-211
Considerations concerning the calculation of the reliability of deck systems

I. S. Gheorghe, pg. 212-215(pg. 353-360)
The use of social media on board the ship: friend or foe?

I. S. Gheorghe, pg. 216-219
Conflict management and resolution on board the ship

K. T. Gursel, M. Taner, D. Unsalan, N. Gokdeniz and E. Altunsaray, pg. 220-230
Hydrodynamic analysis and improvement of pontoon boats

A. Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza), pg. 231-237
The teacher’s roles in ESP reading and writing lessons

C. Alibec and A. Sirbu, pg. 238-241
Managerial communication in English

V. S. Vasilev, pg. 242-247
Improvement of training in maritime safety aspect by the implementation of S-VDR capabilities

N. Stoyanov, pg. 248-251
Determination of performance criterion for conducting non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO)

M. Dumitrescu, pg. 252-255
Marine industry practical education for engineering