2020 - Issue no. 2



K.Turgut Gürsel, Mesut Taner, Deniz Ünsalan, Gökdeniz Neser and Erkin Altunsaray, pg.8-18
Improving resistance properties of high-speed ships

Mihaela Greti Manea, pg.19-24
The influence of the ship static and dynamic characteristics on the amplitude of the oscillatory movements – RAO specter

Elena Rita Avram , Manuela Rossemary Apetroaei , Emil Iordache Avram and Gabriel Marius Apetroaei, pg.25-31
An experimental investigations of the single phase fluid flow through mini pipes with circular cross section

Elena Rita Avram , Doru Cosofret, Manuela Rossemary Apetroaei and Dumitru Corduneanu , pg.32-36
Overview of the innovative heat exchangers technologies

Roxana Gabriela Damian, Elena Gabriela Curcă, Valerică Roşca and Cătălin Frățilă, pg.37-47
Analysis of volume attenuation of hydro-acoustic signal propagation in the Romanian Black Sea Coast

Florina Bucur, Adrian Rotariu, Gabriel Jiga, Florin Baciu and Eugen Trana, pg.53-58
On the experimental testing procedures for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) behaviour evaluation in static and dynamic regime

Elena Rita Avram, Manuela Rossemary Apetroaei, Dinu Vasile Atodiresei and Emil Iordache Avram, pg.59-63
Overview on the indoor air pollution sources of the ship cabins and the hyperbaric chambers

Codruta Pricop, Mihail Pricop and George Novac, pg.64-74
Mother wavelet selection using signal energy for cracks detection in the rotation shafts

Catalin Clinci and Gheorghe Ichimoai, pg.75-78
A method to compute detection range for electro optical transducers used for anti-ship missiles guidance

K. Turgut Gürsel, Denizhan Özenen, pg.146-157
Hydrodynamic numerical analysis of intermediate and high-speed ships