2019 - Issue no. 2



M. Turof, pg.158-168
Optimal design for a cylindrical gear with inclined teeth

M. Turof, pg.169-176
Optimizing body design of a computer-assisted manual press

A. F. Chiojdoiu and V. N. Panaitescu, pg.177-186
Fire smoke propagation mode and the importance of ventilation efficiency for emergency situations in subway systems

A. Chioibas, pg.185-193
Aspects on methods of assessing prelucrability through cold plastic deformation of metallic materials

A. Toma, A.S. Bacioiu, I.A. Chirita, pg.228-233
Influence of trim and rudder angle on ship handling

V. Prisacariu, M. Pearsica, C. Cioaca, D. Balos, M. Boscoianu, pg.234-240
Theoretical and applicative considerations regarding LIDAR

P. S. Serban, A. T. Nedelcu, A. Pocora and A. S. Bacioiu, pg. 247-255
Comparison of CFD determined squat on sailing ship MIRCEA with empirical methods

T. Baracu and R. Bosneagu, pg. 256-267
Numerical analysis of the flow around a cylinder for the perspective of correlations of the drag coefficient of the ship’s hulls

T. Pazara, P. Vasiliu, G. Novac and F. Deliu, pg. 268-275
Aspects regarding the acoustics of a lecture hall

T. Pazara, P. Vasiliu and D. Lascu, pg. 276-283
Sound propagation modelling in a lecture hall

M. Rogobete and O. Tarabuta, pg. 296-304
Hashing and Message Authentication Code Implementation. An Embedded Approach

V. Cornaciu and C. Răcuciu, pg. 305-312
Multi-criteria method for evaluation of the pseudorandom number generators using thermodynamic systems behavior

D. Marasescu, A. Cotorcea, M. Ristea, O. Tarabuta, F. Nicolae and A. Popa, pg. 313-317
Modern solutions for the replacement of gas turbines used on warships