2018 - Issue no. 1



K T Gursel, M Taner, D Unsalan and G Neser (pg. 20-36)
Design of a Marine Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Geological and Geophysical Surveys

P M Stoica and C Molder (pg.45-49)
Comparative analysis of methods to detect radio-controlled commercial UAVs

T Stanciu (pg. 77-84)
Aspects regarding the maintenance of climate inside the hyperbaric chamber of the Diving Center

R G Damian, N Jula and S V Paturca (pg. 85-89)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - achievements and current trends

Florin Medeleanu, Ciprian Racuciu, Dan-Laurentiu Grecu and Narcis Antonie (pg. 123-128)
Border security Wireless Integrated Network Sensor attack resistance analysis by integral cryptanalysis of AES cipher

V Prisacariu, C Cioaca and M Boscoianu (pg. 180-189)
Analysis performances of UAV airships

O N Volintiru, T M Stefanescu, E Dragomir and A Pruiu (pg. 256-261)
Contributions to the study of functional parameters in exploitation of the heat, ventilation and air conditioning system for special ships

D Korban, O Volkov and P Kostenko (pg. 276-282)
Parametric polarization radio-location method of improvement of radio-location observation of navigational objects against the background of natural hindrances

E Dragomir, O N Volintiru, T M Stefanescu and A Pocora (pg. 283-291)
Compensation of three- phase unsymmetrical currents systems with symmetric al voltage (direct)

Ovidiu Cristea, Nicolae Badara, Mihai Balaceanu, Mircea Tarhoaca (pg. 403-408)
Maritime VHF-DSC monitoring with low cost SDR receiver

Marian Ionescu, Ilie Borcosi and Nicu-George Bizdoaca (pg. 459-462)
Playback with a robotic system

V Dobref and P Popov (pg. 463-467)
Aspects of Optimizing the Magneto Hydrodynamic Naval Thrusters

Sorin R. Sintea, Valetina M. Pomazan and Catalin C. Pomazan (pg. 509-517)
Smart Plant Energy Control using IoT Technology

Nicola Mihaylov, Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Boris Evstatiev, Seher Kadirova and Tsvetelina Georgieva (pg. 550-554)
Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the Project "Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures in the Romanian-Bulgarian Cross-Border Area"