2020 - Issue no. 2



Ana-Maria Costin, Stefan Emil Ionescu and Aurel Gherghina, pg.136-140
Methods for online search of databases with scientific articles

Laura Diana Cizer, pg.141-145
Exploiting the learning resources offered by the Online Multimedia Module for Practicing Speaking Skills in English. Focus on STANAG 6001 Level 2. A practical demonstration

Emil Manea and Remus Zagan, pg.153-160
Using regression theory to solve some problems regarding ship repairing and maintenance activities in shipyards

Emil Manea and Emil Militaru, pg.161-168
Problems of ship repairing and maintenance activities in shipyards and mathematical methods to solve that

Nuti Savin, pg.169-171
The importance of educational resources using online platforms in pre-university education

Violeta Nicoleta Opris, pg.172-176
Innovative system for detecting information attacks. The theoretical basis of the future research

Alexandru Curca and Eugen Petac, pg.177-184
Implementing a Software Load Balancer with a Genetic Algorithm

Violeta Nicoleta Opris, pg.185-190
Methodology for ensuring computer security for vulnerable systems

Catalin Adetu and Alina Elena Adetu, pg.191-194
Ballistic threats on military helicopters

Catalin Adetu and Alina Elena Adetu, pg.195-200
Current requirements and solutions for ballistic protection of military helicopters

Iulian Cojocaru, pg.201-206
The process of adapting the European Union to changes in the security environment

Raluca Apostol-Mates, pg.260-265
Switching from traditional to on-line learning-a HOT POTATOES challenge

Raluca Apostol-Mates, pg.266-269
Digital Flashcards in the EFL Classroom

Violeta-Ioana Nagat, pg.270-277
Considerations regarding the sources of corruption

Catalin Popa, pg. 278-286
The Assessment of Port Services Integration Within the Supply Chain. Connectivity Analysis Case on Constanta Port

A Pahontu, pg.287-299
A Review over AI Methods Developed for Maritime Awareness Systems

Catana (Brus) Denisa-Iulia, pg.300-310
Aspects of psychological training in alpine skiing at the age of 14-16

Constantin Cristinel OLARU, pg.311-319
Assessment of training in the naval pentathlon