2018 - Issue no. 1



Corina Varsami and Ramona Tromiadis (pg. 71-76)
An Analysis of Maritime Accidents Involving Oil Tankers from a Structural Point of View

L Luca, A V Todorut and T O Luca (pg. 116-122)
Quality management applied to analyze the reduction of the pollution which is generated from road transportation in agglomerated urban areas

F Nistor, C Popa and I Reczey (pg. 159-162)
Port reform-key aspect of globalization

F Nistor, C Popa and R Gavra (pg. 163-167)
The quality of port services-an important factor in port competition

Catalin Popa, Filip Nistor and Ana Maria Monica Popa (pg. 168-172)
The Major Determinants of International Financial Markets' Functional Efficiency

Catalin Popa, Marius Cucu, Imre Reczey and Ana Maria Monica Popa (pg. 173-179)
Revision of Functional Role of the International Financial Institutions on Global Economy Governance

F G Dias, J F Neves, V P Conceicao and V Lobo (pg. 203-215)
Maritime Situational Awareness, the singular approach of a dual-use Navy

Mihaela-Lavinia Ciobanica (pg. 216-222)
Aspects of intermodal transport in expedition of goods

Alecu Toma, Carmen Luminita Cojocaru, Octavian Tarabuta, Marius Cucu (pg. 317-321)
Effects of the increasing use of technology upon marketing in the 21st century. The Dynamics of the Onboard Interpersonal Relations Based on Gender Issues. Study Case on Training Voyage Onboard MIRCEA Tall Ship

M Pricop, T Pazara, C Pricop, F Gheorghe and G Novac (pg. 381-392)
New considerations regarding underwater noise in Black Sea

Corina Ana Borcosi (pg. 434-439)
Actual challenges: selecting an own business field, creating and implementing the business plan using European funds

Alecu Toma and Virgil Chirita (pg. 448-458)
Use of acoustic warning devices to combat maritime piracy

Razvan Bazaitu and Adrian Antohi (pg. 524-530)
The relationship between security services and public order in the port area - legal issues

R. Bosneagu (pg. 583-592)
The Black Sea ports - the eastern maritime gates of Europe

R. Bosneagu (pg. 593-598)
Maritime Economy versus Maritime Geoeconomics