Faculty of Navigation and Naval Management

Faculty Management:
Commander Associate Professor Eng. Nistor Filip, PhD [CV european]
Associate Dean for Quality Management
Lieutenant Instr.Eng. Pocora Andrei, Phd candidate [CV european]
Associate Dean for Research
Professor Assistant Bautu Andrei, PhD [CV european]
Faculty Council
  • Associate Professor Eng. Nistor Filip, PhD
  • Instructor Eng. Pocora Andrei, PhD candidate
  • Associate Professor Bautu Andrei, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Cotorcea Alexandru, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Atodiresei Dinu, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Lupu Sergiu, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Lascu Dan, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Eng. Serban Sergiu, PhD
  • Student Popa Marian Andrei
  • Student Tega Gabriel Marian
  • Student Popa Raluca Florentina
  •  About us
           The main objective of the  Faculty of Navigation and Naval Management  is the training of the river and navy engineer officers able to safely run the watch and to assure the maintenance techniques onboard maritime and river transport ships, as well as the training of engineer-economists for the harbor companies in accordance with the economy competitive requirements.
           These objectives can be realized through:

    • By providing a specialized theoretical and practical training at engineering level in accordance with the duties they will have to fulfill;
    • By training their skills according to the STCW-95 standards for the accomplishment with a sense of responsibility of the maritime officer duties at an operational and management level as well as the engineer-economist skill forming, able to organize and manage the activities of the harbor exploiting companies;
    • By improving the skills that deal with the information systems that are used in the modern ship’s exploiting;
    • By training the abilities of managing the crew and of integrating in their specific area and of managing companies that deal with the exploiting of ships and harbors;
    • By developing the communication skills in English and in another international language.

    On the Government Decision no. 216/2005 basis, the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Management is accredited to unfold long-period licensed education (4 years) in the day courses and reduced frequency learning forms at the following specializations:

    • Navigation, Maritime and River Shipping
    • Engineering and Maritime and Port Management

           And Masters Degrees education at the following specializations:

    • Nautical Sciences and Shipping
    • Engineering and Maritime and Port Management

    Last update: 21 December 2020