Department of Naval Electromechanical Systems
Head of the department:

Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Marasescu Daniel   [CV european]
Full-Time Teaching Staff:
Commander Associate Professor, PhD Popa Adrian   [CV european]
Lieutenant Commander Associate Professor Eng, PhD Ristea-Komornicki Marian-Valentin   [CV european]
Professor Eng, PhD Ali Beazit   [CV european]
Associate professor Eng, PhD Moroianu Corneliu   [CV european]
Associate professor Eng, PhD Dascalu Dumitru   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Chioibas Aurelia   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Sporis Ligia-Adriana   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Zechia Dana-Carmen   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Kaiter Edith-Hilde   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Postolache Florin   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Popa Ionel   [CV european]
Ali Levent   [CV european]
Associated Teaching Staff:
Professor, PhD Drumea Mihnea Claudiu   
Senior Lecturer, PhD Grecu Gheorghe   [CV european]
Nutu Catalin   [CV european]
Captain (N), PhD Cosofret Doru   
Marcu Oana   [CV european]
Moise Gabriel   [CV european]
Neacsu Lucian-Doru   [CV european]
Captain (N) Cata Marian   [CV european]
Olaru Constantin-Cristian   [CV european]
Commander Eng Nae Valentin   [CV european]
Eng, PhD candidate Volintiru Narcis   
Cucu Marius   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Popov Petrica   
Lecturer, PhD Pavaloiu Mariana   
Assistant Professor Eng, PhD Girba Adrian   [CV european]
Cuciureanu Mihaita   [CV european]
Mocanu Vlad   [CV european]
Ionita Florin   [CV european]
Kmen Flaviu   [CV european]
The Department of Naval Electromechanical Systems was established in October 2019 as a result of the reorganization of "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy. The department, in cooperation with the other departments of MBNA, prepares and trains naval electromechanical engineers who can act as active officers at an operational and managerial level onboard military, commercial, maritime and river vessels.
The NES department coordinates and holds itself responsible for preparing students for the following programs of study:
  1. Bachelor's degree programs:
    • Naval Electromechanics (Navy) - ENM;
    • Naval Electromechanics - Day time courses - (Merchant Marine) - ENC
  2. Master's degree programs
    • Naval Electromechanical Systems - SEN

Scientific circles
  • Prof. univ. dr. ing. Pruiu Anastase
  • Prof. univ. dr. ing. Ali Beazit
  • Conf. univ. dr. ing. Moroianu Corneliu
  • Conf. univ. Ristea Marian
  • S.L. dr. ing. Marasescu Daniel
  • Conf. univ. dr. ing. Ristea Marian
  • Conf. univ. dr. ing. Popa Adrian
  • S.L. dr. ing. Clinci Catalin
  • S.L. dr. ing. Marasescu Daniel
  • Lector Florin Postolache


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