Faculty of Marine Engineering

Management Faculty:
Commander Associate Professor Eng. PhD. Popa Adrian [CV european]
Associate Dean for Quality Management
LCDR Associate Professor Eng. PhD. Ristea-Komornicki Marian-Valentin [CV european]
Associate Dean for Scientific Research
Lecturer PhD. Kaiter Edith-Hilde [CV european]
Faculty Council
  • Professor Eng. Ali Beazit, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Burlacu Paul, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Deliu Florentiu, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Ristea Marian, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Sporis Adriana, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Vasiliu Paul, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Eng. Marasescu Daniel, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Eng. Cristea Ovidiu, PhD
  • Student Manolache Maria Nicoleta
  • Student Bacanu Sorina Florentina
  • Student Silisteanu Florin Razvan
  • The Marine Engineering Faculty is contributing to the training and development process of the maritime engineers and navy officers, which are gaining valuable competences in technical, scientific and leadership directions, by developing the following abilities: systematic thinking, problem solving and solution finding, efficiently communicating in a multicultural environment.

    The graduates in the Marine Engineering field have followed disciplines in fundamental and specialty areas, acquiring in this way the required competences for successfully performing their tasks in an extremely competitive environment.

    The cadets that are attending the Navy courses are permanently involved in activities that are ensuring the proper development of the specific skills and abilities that are mandatory for a navy career. After graduation, they are able to lead military specific activities (according with their rank) and to proper use the weapon systems and other technologies onboard.

    The study programs that are developed and implemented within the Marine Engineering Faculty are:
    • Maritime Department

      • - Naval Electromechanics, Marine Engineering Field, Bachelor Degree (full time and part time education)
      • - Electromechanics, Electrical Engineering Field, Bachelor Degree (full time and part time education)
      • - Naval Electromechanical Systems, Marine Engineering Field, Master Degree (full time education)
    • Navy Department

      • - Navigation, Hydrography and Naval Systems, Marine Engineering Field, Bachelor Degree
      • - Naval Electromechanics, Marine Engineering Field, Bachelor Degree

    Last update: 21 December 2020