Department of Tactics and Naval Armament
Head of the department:

LT Lecturer Eng, PhD Cristea Ovidiu   [CV european]
Full-Time Teaching Staff:
Captain (N) Associate Professor Eng, PhD Burlacu Paul   [CV european]
Professor Habilitated PhD Ene-Voiculescu Virgil   [CV european]
Professor Eng, PhD Chiorcea Ion   [CV european]
Associate Professor, PhD Lungu Delia Natalia-Alexandra   [CV european]
Associate Professor, PhD Cojocaru Carmen-Luminita   [CV european]
Lecturer Eng, PhD Ichimoaei Gheorghe   [CV european]
Associate Professor Eng, PhD Manea Mihaela-Greti   [CV european]
Lecturer, PhD Cizer Laura-Diana   [CV european]
Col. Advanced Instructor Acornicesei Mihai   
Associated Teaching Staff:
Professor Eng, PhD Racuciu Ciprian   [CV european]
Associate Professor PhD Coltescu Ion   [CV european]
Captain (N) Senior Lecturer Cata Marian   [CV european]
Lt.col. Lecturer, PhD Olaru Constantin-Cristian   [CV european]
CDR Lecturer Eng, PhD Clinci Catalin-Paul   [CV european]
Lecturer, PhD Costache Viorel   
Captain (N) Eng, PhD Preda Ionel   [CV european]
CAPT (N) Lecturer, PhD Tataru Neculai   [CV european]
LT Lecturer, PhD candidate Simion Dragos   [CV european]
Lecturer, PhD Pavaloiu Mariana   
LCDR Eng, PhD Cucu Marius   [CV european]
Assistant Lecturer Eng, PhD Nutu Catalin   [CV european]
Assistant Lecturer, PhD Mihaescu Andreea   [CV european]
Eng, PhD Robe-Voinea Elena   [CV european]
Eng, Phd Scurtu Ionut-Cristian   [CV european]
PhD Bocai Corneliu   
The Department of Tactics and Naval Armament came into being on October 1st, 2019 following a reorganizing process of Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy. Alongside other departments within the Naval Academy, the Department of Tactics and Naval Armament prepares and trains officers and engineers that will serve in the Naval Forces - specialty: navigation, hydrography and naval equipment.

The disciplines within this Department are as follows:
  • Linear Algebra, Analytical and Differential Geometry I
  • Linear Algebra, Analytical and Differential Geometry II
  • Mathematical Analysis I
  • Mathematical Analysis II
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Technical Drawing and Infographic
  • Computer Programming and Programming Languages/Applied Informatics I
  • Computer Programming and Programming Languages/Applied Informatics II
  • Seamanship I
  • Seamanship II
  • Fundamentals of Navigation I
  • Fundamentals of Navigation II
  • Leadership
  • English Language I
  • English Language II
  • P. E. I
  • P. E. II
  • Military P. E. I
  • Military P. E. II
  • Foreign Language II
  • History of the Romanian Army and Navy
  • Special Mathematics
  • Numerical Methods
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Ship Static and Stability
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Electrical Machines and Actuators
  • Electronics
  • Fundamentals of Naval Weapon Systems I
  • Fundamentals of Naval Weapon Systems II
  • Maritime English II
  • Astronomical Navigation
  • English Language III
  • English Language IV
  • P.E. III
  • P.E. IV
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Transducers and Measurements
  • P.E. VII
  • P.E. VIII
  • English Language VIII
  • Foreign Language 2 - III
  • Foreign Language 2 - IV
  • Mechanisms and Machine Elements
  • Ship Dynamics and Construction
  • Navigation Systems and Equipment I
  • Navigation Systems and Equipment II
  • Naval Hydro Location
  • Naval Radiolocation
  • Radio-Electronic and Naval Communications Equipment
  • Military Maritime Geography
  • Naval Kinematics
  • Radar Navigation and Electronic Navigation
  • Underwater Weapon Systems I
  • Underwater Weapon Systems II
  • Naval Artillery Systems Naval
  • English Language V
  • English Language VI
  • Machinery and Naval Installations
  • Theory of Automatic Systems
  • P.E. V
  • P.E. VI
  • English Language IX
  • English Language IV
  • Foreign Language 2 - Military Terminology I
  • Foreign Language 2 - Military Terminology II
  • Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Hydrography and Hydrographic Insurance
  • Elements of River Navigation
  • Ship handling
  • Watch standing Procedures
  • Naval Missile Systems
  • Naval Armament in Naval Warfare
  • Maritime English III
  • Maritime English IV
  • Fundamentals of Military Logistics
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Search and Rescue at Sea
  • Integrated Command and Control Systems
  • Maritime Law
  • Leadership II
  • Leadership III
  • Ethics
  • Ship Safety and Security
  • P.E. VII
  • P.E. VIII
  • Foreign Language 2 - Military Terminology III
  • Foreign Language 2 - Military Terminology IV
Last update: 21 February 2020