Department of Navigation and Naval Transport
Head of the department:

Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Serban Sergiu   [CV european]
Full-Time Teaching Staff:
Captain (N) Associate professor Eng, PhD Atodiresei Dinu-Vasile   [CV european]
CDR Associate Professor Eng, PhD Lupu Sergiu   [CV european]
Associate professor Eng, PhD Pricop Mihail   [CV european]
Associate professor, PhD Bautu Andrei   [CV european]
Associate professor, PhD Bosneagu Romeo   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Lazar Ion   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Novac George   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Astratinei Carmen   [CV european]
Master mariner Senior Lecturer, PhD Apetroaei Marius   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Corduneanu Dumitru   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Apostol-Mates Raluca-Aurora   [CV european]
Lieutenant Instr.Eng, Phd Candidate Pocora Andrei   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, Phd candidate Nedelcu Andra   [CV european]
Associated Teaching Staff:
Professor Eng, PhD Racuciu Ciprian   [CV european]
Associate Professor, PhD Botina Madalina   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Grecu Gheorghe   [CV european]
Simion Dragos   [CV european]
Assistant Professor Eng, PhD candidate Ciorabai Sezen   [CV european]
Eng, PhD Nicolaev Simion   [CV european]
Eng, PhD Dumitrache Octavian   [CV european]
Eng. Toader Ionel   [CV european]
Moise Gabriel   [CV european]
Neacsu Lucian-Doru   [CV european]
Eng Cretu Iulian   
Eng. Secuiu Octavian   [CV european]
Eng. Alecse Cristina   [CV european]
MMP. Frangeti Eugen

Department mission:

The Navigation and Naval Transport Department was establised in 2013 following the reorganization of the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Batran" and brings together all disciplines necessary for the training officers of operational and managerial level for the commercial navy. The Navigation and Naval Transport Department also provides specialist teaching staff for the training of Navy.

The discipline records respect academic norms, the provisions of STCW 78/95, amendments to the Manila Convention, and course models IMO 7.01, 7.03.

Study programes

  • Marine Engineer and Navigation Domain
    Navigation and Maritime and River Transport - full time
    Coordonator: Lieutenant Commander Associate professor Eng. Lupu Sergiu, PhD (
    Navigation and Maritime and River Transport - part time
    Coordonator: Lieutenant Lecturer Eng. Serban Sergiu, PhD (
  • Naval Engineer and Navigation Domain
    Nautical Sciences
    Coordonator: Associate Professor Eng. Mihail Pricop, PhD (

Disciplines taught in the department

Bachelor studies:

  • Linear algebra, analytical geometry and differential and spherical trigonometry
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of seamanship + ICS
  • Fundamentals of navigation
  • English language
  • Physical education
  • Descriptive geometry, technical drawing
  • English Maritime
  • Special Mathematics
  • Numerical analysis
  • Electrical measurements and transducers
  • Electrotechnics and electric machines
  • Study and technology of materials
  • Resistance to materials
  • Mechanics and mechanics of fluids
  • Celestial navigation
  • Programming computers and programming languages
  • Mechanisms and machine parts
  • The theory and construction of the ship
  • Meteorology and oceanography
  • Systems theory and automatic regulation
  • Radar Navigation, Correction Control
  • Cargo work
  • Search and rescue
  • Safety procedures and watchkeeping duties Shiphandling and COLREG
  • Leadership
  • Maritime law
  • Vitality of the ship
  • Orthodromic navigation and radioelectronic navigation
  • Shipping routes and relations
  • Meteorology
  • Integrated navigation

Master studies:

  • Maritime navigation and navigation equipment
  • Navigational safety and ARPA
  • Ship handling in all weathers
  • Management of the ship's stability and structural load
  • CAD / CAE methods for ship's initial design
  • Safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment
  • Safety of navigation and use of ARPA
  • Safety in shipping
  • Team management
  • Transportation and operation of dangerous goods
  • Marine and oceanographic meteorology
  • Leadership
  • Maritime disputes
  • Safety management in ship operation
  • Risk management in the naval industry
  • Ship management and administration

Simulators and laboratories


Last update: 16 July 2021