MBNA Research

The scientific research in "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy- MBNA is one of the most important components of its activities, offering visibility and professional recognition. MBNA research aim is to contribute to national and international research based on Horizon 2020 objectives, MNBA R&D Strategy, competencies of our human resources and resources available in our research centers, departments and laboratories.

"Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy Strategy aligns with the strategic directions assumed at European level through the European Research Area (ERA) offering national, regional and international similar level research infrastructure. MBNA Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation falls under the following Directorates Strategic Action Plan in the medium and long term, as follows:

  1. 1. Increasing the number of persons involved in research / development, both by attracting students / master students / PhD students to elaboration / execution / implementation of research / development projects with a formative character, as well and by attracting researchers from outside the institution and from abroad;
  2. 2. Improvement and better use of teacher / research staff integration the scientific community by encouraging and ensuring inter-university mobility, organization and participation in scientific conferences, increasing national and international visibility, increasing the number of scientific publications produced / accessed, or by ensuring broad access to resources information;
  3. 3. Promoting and supporting research projects at the level of research centers with relevance scientific and international cooperation and involving institutional, national, regional and local cooperation International;
  4. 4. Orientation of the scientific research activity towards concrete results and with practical applications meaningful implementation of development projects in order to meet the needs Current and Prospective of the Naval Academy, Naval Forces and MoND, in correlation with the dynamics of the economic and social environment.
In relation to the strategic directions of action stated, the MBNA establishes the following priority research directions:
  1. 1. Sustainable development in the shipbuilding industry; 2. Management applications in shipping and port operation;
  2. 3. Techniques and technologies for the development of maritime and river transport;
  3. 4. Basic sciences applied in the shipbuilding industry;
  4. 5. Interdisciplinary projects in the shipbuilding industry;
  5. 6. Innovative processes and products in electrical engineering with application in the shipbuilding industry;
  6. 7. Thermal machinery, propulsion installations, auxiliary on-board installations;
  7. 8. Modeling and simulation of shipbuilding processes;
  8. 9. Naval Weapons.
MBNA R&D Strategy focuses on Scientific Events like: International Conference SEA - CONF, MASTER - NAV, CADET - NAV and others, also MBNA will publish the open acces biannual Scientific Bulletin of Naval Academy.
Last update: 09 January 2018