Department of Naval and Port Engineering and Management
Head of the department:

Commander Associate Professor Eng, PhD Cotorcea Alexandru   [CV european]
Full-Time Teaching Staff:
Professor Eng, PhD Nicolae Florin-Marius   [CV european]
Colonel Associate Professor, PhD Popa Catalin   [CV european]
Commander Associate Professor Eng, PhD Nistor Filip   [CV european]
Associate Professor Eng, PhD Bejan Mihai   [CV european]
Associate Professor, PhD Lascu Dan   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Sandiuc Corina   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Apetroaei Manuela Rossemary   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Eng, PhD Avram Rita   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Alibec Camelia   [CV european]
Associated Teaching Staff:
Professor, PhD Grigorut Cornel   
Senior Lecturer, PhD Grecu Gheorghe   [CV european]
Associate Professor, PhD Botina Madalina   [CV european]
Captain (N) Senior Lecturer Cata Marian   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer, PhD Slave Mihaela-Raluca   
Senior Lecturer, PhD Apetroaei Marius   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Atodiresei Anca-Nicoleta   [CV european]
Senior Lecturer Popa Monica   
Senior Lecturer, PhD Nenciu Daniela-Simona   
Senior Lecturer, PhD Grecu Iulia   [CV european]
Assistant Professor, PhD candidate Ciorabai Sezen   [CV european]
Assistant Professor, PhD candidate Simion Dragos   [CV european]
MMP. Frangeti Eugen

The Department organizes and conducts technical teaching activities and specialized, methodological, educational and upgrading activities regarding the facilities and the scientific research field in order to train specialists in Port Engineering and Management. The Department is responsible for the organization and development of teaching activities according to the Bachelor and Master studies both in "Port Engineering and Management" and "Logistics Systems Management", full-time and part-time studies.

Subjects of study within the Department:

Bachelor studies:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Machinery and Machinery Parts
  • Material Study and Technology
  • Electrotechnics
  • Naval and Port Operation Equipment
  • Port Operation Technologies
  • Cargo Handling Operations
  • Port Environmental Protection
  • The Management of Logistic Maintenance
  • Maritime transport
  • Accounting
  • Company financing
  • Naval and Port Management
  • Transport Economy and International Shipment
  • Maritime Transport and Port System Organization
  • Quality Management in the Naval Industry
  • Project Management in the Naval Industry
  • Transaction Technique in the Naval Industry
  • Maritime Insurance
  • Output management
  • Fundamentals of Economy
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Marketing
  • Commercial Law
  • Maritime Law

Master studies:

  • Ship stability and seaworthiness management
  • CAD/CAE methods for ship design
  • Methods and Techniques inĀ  Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Structural Changes in World economy
  • Port Strategic Management
  • Maritime Safety and Port Security
  • Multimodal Transport
  • Risk Management in the Naval Industry
  • Environment Management in the Naval Industry
  • Integrated Logistics in the Naval Industry
  • Maritime Litigation

Scientific Workshops:

Port Engineering
Coordinating teachers:
  • Professor Eng. Nicolae Florin-Marius, PhD
  • Associate Professor Eng. Bejan Mihai, Phd
  • Commander Senior Lecturer Eng. Cotorcea Alexandru, PhD
  • Senior Lecturer Eng. Avram Elena-Rita, PhD
Applied Economy in the Maritime Industry
Coordinating teachers:
  • Colonel Associate Professor Popa Catalin, PhD
  • Commander Associate Professor Eng. Nistor Filip, PhD
Mathematics for engineers
Coordinating teacher:
  • Associate Professor Lascu Dan, PhD
Applied chemistry in environmental engineering
Coordinating teacher:
  • Senior Lecturer Eng. Apetroaei Manuela Rossemary, PhD
Business English
Coordinating teacher:
  • Senior Lecturer Alibec Camelia, PhD
Business letter writing
Coordinating teacher:
  • Senior Lecturer Sandiuc Corina, PhD


Informatics laboratory

Chemistry laboratory

Basics of logistics laboratory


Last update: 09 August 2021