On the 14th of February 2008 the senate of "MirceacelBatran" Naval Academy, Constanta approved the statute and regulations of the Department for the Continuous Development and Technological Transfer. The main mission of the Department for the Continuous Development and Technological Transfer is to offer beneficiaries both inside and outside the academic community continuous learning programmes through which professional development and technology transfer can take place. Starting with October 2011, the department has changed its title to The Center for the Continuous Development of Human Resources. Purpose: The development of the capacity of "MirceacelBatran" NavalAcademy to collaborate with crewing companies and local institutions by organizing training courses and maritime security courses. The Center for the Continuous Development of Human Resources is a provider of professional development which aims at offering and improving continuous development services.


  • a) To carry out lifelong education processes, which complete the basic education by including those activities which aim at developing the knowledge, the competences, the skills, and the practical abilities necessary to a naval officer. At a given point in his life, the student or graduate will need such training in order to find his place in the society in which he lives.
  • b) To extend the connections between "MirceacelBatran" NavalAcademy and its beneficiaries in the context of the continuous development of human resources. To put into practice those training activities that help to adjust to the demands and the evolution of the labor market.
  • c) To update the knowledge and professional competences of course takers.
  • d) To offer professional conversion.
  • e) To contribute to professional advancement by allowing course takers to obtain a higher qualification.
  • f) The continuous development of the teaching staff through specialty and teacher training.
  • g) The strengthening of the partnership with other educational institutions.
  • h) To provide consultancy and specialty assistance.

The main activities of The Center for the Continuous Development of Human Resources:
  • a) Organizing optional courses of maritime safety for the students of Merchant Navy Faculty;
  • b) Organizing postgraduate courses for graduates of long or short undergraduate programmes;
  • c) Organizing continuous development courses for the personnel in field of education: teachers, teaching assistants, managers, administrative and secretarial staff;
  • d) Organizing courses of continuous professional development or lifelong learning for adults through professional training and obtaining new professional qualifications;
  • e) Organizing conferences, colloquiums, work sessions in order to promote networking among students, university staff and industry specialists in country or abroad;
  • f) Liaising in collaboration programmes, materialized in research contracts aimed at promoting new technologies;
  • g) Creating partnerships, exchanges between our students, teachers, specialists and administrative personnel and other national or international universities and institutions with the purpose to improve their organizing, teaching, scientific or management skills and to facilitate their participation in national and international programmes.
  • h) Promoting the image of "MirceacelBatran" NavalAcademy nationally and internationally;
  • i) Acquiring professional competences through: initial, qualification, development and specialty training.
Target beneficiaries and access conditions:
Our courses target students who want to acquire skills and competences in seamanship, graduates (through postgraduate courses), naval officers who want to complete their studies in order to obtain the management certificates as well as all the personnel of the academy's partners who want to develop various competences through our training programmes. Enrollment to our courses is on request, based on a contract, in accordance with the decision of the university senate, approved in meeting 392 on September 26th, 2007.

Last update: 23 March 2018