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Defence Education Enhancement Programme

Between December 10 and 12, Cpt.Cdor. Lucian-Doru NEACSU participated at the meeting of the representatives of the naval academies involved in the DEEP (Defense Education Enhancement Program) funded by NATO, hosted at the Odessa National Maritime Academy in Ukraine. The seminar offered the opportunity to reunite the traditional partners of the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy and issues facing higher education institutions in the South East Europe region have been addressed. During the planned meetings, aspects related to the security perspective in the Black Sea region and the strategic impact on the objectives of the training programs in the maritime and naval field were also discussed. The involvement of the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy within DEEP / NATO confirms the international recognition of the quality of the training programs offered by the institution and ensures the strengthening of the bilateral relations in the field of education and scientific research with the partner academies.


Last update: December 12, 2018