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Visit of the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy delegation
to the Naval Academy in Brest, France

Between October 16 and 19, a delegation of the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy formed by Lt.col.dr. Catalin POPA, Vice Rector for International Programs and Alexandru COTORCEA, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Management, made a working and information visit to the Naval Academy in Brest, France, at the invitation of Rear Admiral Eric Pages. During the activities organized through the work agenda, the Romanian delegation visited the material base of the French partners and had discussions with the management and research staff on topics related to the organization of the training process, the training of navigation officers and the research programs developed by the Naval Academy from Brest. During the visit, the ANMB delegation was informed about the organization of the education process, instruction and research, within the exchange of ideas and good practices and being identified common directions of cooperation and projects feasible for the development of partnership programs. The visit was extremely diverse and included, in addition to the training objectives within the university campus and the school ship division, the IRENAV research center, the navigation simulator, the training ship for navigation officers "Tiger", the frigate " Aquitaine "and the simulator for naval armament. At the end of the visit, the Romanian and French partners encouraged the importance of initiating a solid collaboration in the field of instruction, education and research leading to the implementation of common training modules and the development of applied research programs for the benefit of the Romanian and French Naval Forces.

Last update: October 19, 2018