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NAFAC 2018

           During April 8-14, student sergeant Anton Mihai, fourth year cadet of the Faculty of Marine Engineering had participated in the NAFAC 2018 - International Affairs Conference organized by the United States Naval Academy. The theme of the conference was "Guarding Liberty in a World of Democratic Undoing" and the event has been attended by students coming from 150 universities, representing more than 40 nations. The student of the "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy was directly involved in carried debates on "European Uncertainty, Europe heading towards illiberal politics", actively contributing to inter-academic discussions on the future of the European Union and NATO in the new geostrategic context. The Conference attendance has provided the military cadet with valuable access to the student's global dialogue and permitted his interaction with the best academic practices on European and international level.

Last update: 18 April 2018