Tradition. Professionalism. Adventure: three defining characteristics of the student life in the Naval Academy.

If we are to consider only the three characteristics we still describe what a graduate of the Naval Academy feels at the beginning of the professional career in the Romanian Navy or the Merchant Marine.

Though, the Naval Academy offers much more. Firstly, we guarantee an exceptional professional and personal training. Our faculty's experience and motivation, the modern infrastructure, and the future-focused development strategy determine our school to be a live organism, full of energy, that shape our students accordingly.

All those hours spent in classes, laboratories and simulators will be a proof for interactive, entertaining and efficient learning. Later on, the practice onboard training ships, along with the sport facilities will give you the chance to release your energy. The Academy is one big team, a family in which both young and elder students learn together for school and for life.

Last, but not least, just consider the fact that only as a Naval Academy student will you be able to travel around the world, preparing yourself for an adventurous, still laborious job that you won't encounter anywhere else.

Therefore, we are here waiting for you, who wants to become engineer or maritime and river manager, who wants to positively combine the useful with the pleasant.

Last update: 01 October 2018