2022 - Issue no. 2



C. Alibec, pg.8-11
The challenge of education in the new normal era

C. Sandiuc, pg. 12-18
Strategies for Teaching Lexical Collocations in Maritime English Classes

A. Balagiu, pg. 19-25
Metaphor as way of Enriching the Electric and Electronic Terminology

A. Malciu, C.-C. Puica, G.-F. Noja, B. Krupenschi, pg. 26-38
Experimental and numerical investigation regarding the impact behaviour of 7,62 mm bullet steel core with a multilayered armour plate

R. Apostol-Mates, A. Barbu, pg. 39-42
Staying human in the digital classroom

R. Apostol-Mates, A. Barbu, pg. 43-47
The need for security in the maritime industry

E. C. Anghel (Vladescu), pg. 48-66
Security and energy efficiency in the current geopolitical context

E. C. Anghel (Vladescu), pg. 48-66
Security and energy efficiency in the current geopolitical context

E. C. Anghel (Vladescu), pg. 48-66
Security and energy efficiency in the current geopolitical context

P. Vasiliu, pg. 67-72
Automatic determination of all Hamiltonian cycles in acompletely undirected graph

O. Didenko, N. Benkovska, pg. 73-82
Theoretical Bases of Training of Future Officers for Professional Activity in the Process of Studying Professional Disciplines

C. L. Cojocaru,C. Popa, pg. 83-91
The Military Carrier Counselling and Professional Assessment Methodology. Study Case on military Cadets Professional Profile Assessment

H. Croitoru and V. Ene-Voiculescu, pg. 92-96
Typology of recommended exercise methods in the prepartum period

H. Croitoru and V. Ene-Voiculescu, pg. 97-101
Implementing exercise as an integral part of the daily routine in the prepartum period. Case Study

P. Ozdemir and C. Popa, pg. 102-110
Reflections of eco-anxiety in the maritime sector stakeholders

M. M. Apetroaei, M. R. Apetroaei, pg. 111-117
An overview on plants used in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) depollution

S. Eftimie, R. Moinescu, D. Glavan and C. Racuciu, pg. 118-123
Cognitive Security Ethics: A Utilitarian Perspective on the Psychological Profiling of Employees

R. Moinescu, C. Racuciu, D. Glavan, S. Eftimie, pg. 124-134
Aspects of cyber security in the field of maritime transport

E. Demirel, T. Albayrak, pg. 135-154
Evaluation of Simulator Use in Maritime Education and Training (MET) Institutes

I. Krolikowska, A. Bogdanowicz, P. Wirkowski, R. Mickiene, pg. 155-161
Selection of methods used in industry mentoring for students of mechanics with the use of fuzzy logic

V. Suban, M. Perkovic, A. Grm, R. Harsch, M. R. Apetroaei, pg. 162-169
Education and Training Needs for Effective Environmental Protection in Port Terminals

I. Krolikowska, C. Popa, M. Kluczyk, pg. 170-174
Evaluation methods for students on learning by simulating environment based on marine power plant simulator

E. Demirel, pg. 175-196
Cadet's Perspective on Maritime Education and Training

M. R. Apetroaei, F. M. Nicolae, D. Atodiresei, A. Cotorcea, A. Pocora, O. Cristea, A. Mihalcea, S. Diaconu,pg. 197-205
Preliminary identification studies of a new eco-friendly and natural sorbent material