NABM 2016 Fifth International Workshop on Advanced Nano- and Biomaterials and Their Device Applications


        In recent years one observes a growing interest in new materials and new technologies for applications in photonics and in electronics. In particular, this is true in such areas like telecommunications, optical data storage, optical image processing, organic photovoltaics for solar energy conversion, display technologies and in optical engineering. Organic materials have emerged as a very interesting class of materials for this kind of applications. It is commonly admitted that they will play a significant role in future photonics and electronics. This is provided by their versatility, ease of processing and low cost. Also, very recently, a particular interest attracted biomaterials, such as DNA and collagen. These materials can be chemically modified and can provide different useful functionalities. Their principal advantage is biodegradability. These are also renewable materials and are obtained from waste.         The main objective of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers and engineers from academia, industry, and research laboratories who share a common interest in organic photonic materials and their device applications. It will help to establish the state of the art in this rapidly developing field and to present as well as to discuss the most recent developments. The workshop will consist on keynote, plenary and invited lectures presented by the international leading scientists, short oral contributions on most recent developments and a poster session. An important amount of time will be devoted for discussions. This will be also favored by the workshop location, Constanta, which is the most important political, economic and cultural centre of the province of Dobrogea, as well as one of the oldest cities in Romania. The workshop participants will be lodged in the same hotel. It will facilitate contacts between them, exchange of ideas and deepen the already existing or start new collaborations