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MARitime Soft Skills for Onboard Healthy Nutrition and CULinary Arts in Seagoing Services CUL- MAR-Skills

About Us

Cul-Mar-Skills aims to combine both cooking skills, with an emphasis on maritime cuisine including healthy nutrition on board and food supply chain management on board for proficient victualling, with core entrepreneurship and management skills to be efficient staff on board.
Cul-Mar-Skills project will prepare a training program consisting of five courses, focusing on a larger spectrum as health nutrition, the logistics of supply for planning the course menus that is for the galley in general, victualling services and culinary arts for merchant ships, Navy and Cruise lines.
The training program will be a blend of the basic courses to be a proficient cook (with an emphasis on marine cuisine) and the courses that are the first steps to being an employee in the maritime sector, especially a seafarer with basic knowledge on entrepreneurship, supply chain management and management in general.
Cul-Mar-Skills project will also to prepare a maritime cookbook to contain the recipes that reflect the culture of the participating countries. In this way, it will prevent their maritime culinary culture to fade away.
Beyond all this, the project will provide the trainees with a virtue, an entrepreneurial mindset, which is one of the indispensable features of the 21st century, perhaps the most important one.
The most innovative aspect of the project is that it provides basic knowledge in areas that have not been covered much in the maritime sector and aims to provide participants with skills in key areas such as cooking, supply chain, management, entrepreneurship and make them sought-after employees who will work in a limited space such as a ship.