2018 - Issue no. 1



Ekaterina Ivanova (pg. 10-14)
Current priorities of the program content "Around the world", for first and second grade in primary school, with an accent inclusive education

Julia Doncheva and Ekaterina Ivanova (pg. 15-19)
Lesson parameters of "Around the world" with an emphasis on inclusive education

Ivaylo Bakalov, Siyana Lutzkanova and Kalin Kalinov (pg. 37-40)
Applying the augmented reality concept in maritime engineering personnel training

Camelia Alibec and Anca Sirbu (pg. 41-44)
Talk like a sailor or how to become familiar with the nautical terms and cruise specific lingo

Paul Vasiliu (pg. 50-57)
Automatically determines the length of the dual system to a bivalent system

Paul Vasiliu (pg. 58-64)
Automatic determination of the dual system width of to a bivalent system

Deyan Staykov (pg. 65-70)
Strategies to control and address aggression in school

Radu Moinescu, Dragos Glavan (pg. 90-96)
About modern terrorist activities in cyber space

Radu Moinescu, Dragos Glavan (pg. 97-102)
Frequently used methods in the preparation of the informational attack

Maruntelu Liliana (pg. 136-139)
The importance of improving digital skills in modern language teaching

V A Ivanova and V G Ivanova (pg. 140-144)
Good practices and innovations during the realization of the practical training of the pedagogy students

M P Temnikova (pg. 145-151)
Productive strategies for development of specific mathematical competences for numbers and operation with them in the primary school

Carmen Alexandrache (pg. 152-158)
Ethics of the scientific research in the higher education - a methodological perspective

Corina Sandiuc (pg. 223-232)
A typological analysis of calque in Romanian maritime terminology

Marian Zidaru (pg. 233-239)
Balkans SOE centre in Istanbul during the Second World War. The case Salvet Lufti Tozan alias Pants

Alina Balagiu and Marioara Patesan (pg. 240-246)
Homonymy within English Marine Engineering Terminology

C. Astratinei (pg. 262-264)
The Role of the ESP Teacher

Sanda Toma-Urichianu, Adrian Urichianu and Bogdan Andrei Urichianu (pg. 292-298)
Developing children emotional intelligence through game and movement situational trening

Sanda Toma-Urichianu, Adrian Urichianu and Bogdan Andrei Urichianu (pg. 299-304)
Dynamics of speed development at 12 to 14 year swimmers by adding effort recovery

Zechia Dana Carmen and Patesan Marioara (pg. 313-316)
Effects of the increasing use of technology upon marketing in the 21st century

D V Gidu (pg. 322-325)
Level of the specific motricity of the begginers women soccer players (10-12 years old)

D V Gidu (pg. 330-334)
Increase the performance in women soccer players by using autogen training and sugestiv technics

A Abramiuc and V Ene-Voiculescu and C Ene-Voiculescu (pg. 353-360)
Preliminary research on testing physical general training and specific of the naval pentathlon team from the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Batran"-seamenship sample

A Abramiuc and V Ene-Voiculescu and C Ene-Voiculescu (pg. 361- 365)
Preliminary research on biochemical investigations of the naval pentathlon team from the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Batran"–seamenship sample

Florina Olaru, Bogdan Todirita, Sanda Toma Urichianu (pg. 366-374)
Functional training vs traditional training benefits for martial arts practitioners

R Maniu and M V Manoliu (pg. 393-399)
Genetic algorithms - variable size populations of chromosomes. An adaptive approach

Cristian Muntenita, Vasile Bria, Adrian Circiumaru and Iulia Graur (pg. 418-423)
Water absorption behaviour of reinforced epoxy laminates

A. Chioibas (pg. 468-482)
Consideration on amorphic metals

Razvan Bazaitu and Adrian Antohi (pg. 518-523)
The tasks of the leader in minimizing misinformation effects Means and techniques of psychological influence

E Bautu, D Atodiresei and A Bautu (pg. 555-560)
Osimin-A meteorological data platform for processing SIMIN data built on open source software

E Bautu, D Atodiresei and A Bautu (pg. 561-566)
Design of self-paced blended-learning computer programming courses for maritime students

Marian Zidaru (pg. 578-582)
A war scenario in the Black Sea area. Secondary operation Dobrogea

V Novac and E Rusu (pg. 607-616)
Black Sea littoral military operations - environment impact

Laura Cizer and Mariana Boeru (pg. 607-610)
European Cinema and Intercomprehension: Metaphors and Instances of Mutual Intelligibility